Our Newest Flavor Is Classified

Location: REDACTED, PA
Date: RE/ RE/2016

Oh wow! This new flavor is amazing. Todd, you’ve done it again. I can’t believe you were able to blend REDACTED with REDACTED! I mean seriously, who would ever think to combine those two flavors? No one will believe it. There’s no way REDACTED could taste so great with REDACTED. And you even put a little REDACTED in it?

Gotta say, initial taste tests are incredibly posisitive too. I think with these results, we can have this amazing REDACTED blend on the shelves in the Spring. Of course, keeping it on the shelves will be another matter!

But we need to think of a great name. Somethin that’ll let customers know exactly what you put into it, all the great flavors of REDACTED, and REDACTED, and REDACTED. Oh, maybe something that evokes memories of the REDACTED you put in it?

Oh wait, I’ve got it! We’ll call it CLASSIFIED.

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