The Origin of Zuro’s Ejuice

Way back when e-juice was in it’s infancy, Todd Zuro was looking for a vape. One that was actually good, not made in China, and vapable all day. However, all he could find were the flavorless offerings of brands like Baking Valley and Chopped Bark. Knowing that vapers deserved better, Zuro turned away from his groundbreaking research on the dangers of sword swallowing  and turned his attention to a more noble cause. Namely, making e-juice.

After toiling away for six months in his secret lab under Pittsburgh’s largest Renault dealership, Zuro emerged triumphantly with the first bottle of Milk in his hand. He then tripped on a rock and the first bottle met a sudden end in a car dealer parking lot. Zuro returned to his lab, and a few hours later emerged once again triumphantly, with the second bottle of Zuro’s Milk clutched more tightly in his hand.

After initial testing came back positive, and no one’s face melted for reasons other than extreme awesomeness, Zuro’s Milk went into production. Hordes of people lined up at vape shops in hopes of even tasting this delectable nectar, and announcing you had a shipment come in would lead to a 80085% upsurge in customers that day.

To this day, Zuro’s Milk is the best selling ejuice in Pittsburgh. So get a bottle, and see for yourself why it’s so popular.

Zuro Says:

Crush your enemies. See them driven before you. Hear the lamentations of their women.
~Todd Zuro on Cloud Comps